Resume Tips for MBA Students With a Great Deal of Business Experience

What to Do If You Have A Great Deal of Professional Work Experience (10 Years or More)

While in general it is true that the more experience you have, the fewer problems you will encounter in the job search, there are some issues of which you should be aware. Many of the jobs that are listed by the Career Services/MBA Placement Office are entry- and mid-level managerial positions. If you plan to leverage your MBA and prior work experience to break into upper management, be prepared to compose your resume in the manner of experienced executives. Consult the resume development publications located in Career Services at 100 Dunford Hall for more information.

If you are planning to use your MBA credentials to make a complete career change, emphasize your accomplishments most appropriate for the new career field. Be prepared for employers to question your decision to make a change at this point in your life. Tailor your accomplishment statements to emphasize transferable skills and include a Career Objective statement that emphasizes your commitment to a new field.