MBA Interview Performance

To effectively perform in an interview:
  • Make sure to dress clean, smart and formal.
  • Be spontaneous when giving answers to interview questions. While it is important to prepare ahead of time, you do not want your answers to sound scripted.
  • Be confident, and try not to appear nervous or shy. If you have got this far, the organization is interested in you.
  • Be the first person to say ‘hello’ and extend your hand when you meet your interviewer.
  • Bring your file, notebook or dossier. Do not spread it out on the desk or table, but let it be seen by the interviewer.
  • Do not be presumptious, and do not refer to ‘we’ as if you were a part of the organization already.
  • If given the opportunity to ask questions, ask one or two at the most. Make them simple and have them ready. Do not pull out a long list.
  • Watch for non-verbal cues.
  • Make good, consistent eye contact.
  • Lean forward, look interested, nod when the interviewer is speaking to you and be enthusiastic.
  • Ask for clarification of any question that you do not understand.
  • Don’t be critical of a previous employer or person. It will not make you an attractive candidate.
  • Do not bring up salary requirements or ask about compensation in the initial interviews for any given opportunity unless the interviewer brings it up first.