What Should You Do If You are a JD/MBA and You Want a Business Internship?

Employers often ask JD/MBA students why they have chosen to earn both degrees. Be prepared to link your business career goals to the benefits of earning a law degree. It will be of great benefit to include a Career Objective statement at the top of your resume to establish at the outset your desire to combine the two in a business situation. For example:

A position in human resources management where I may apply my business skills and extensive knowledge of the legal and regulatory environment.

There is no doubt that a great legal resume is very different from a great MBA resume. Pay close attention to formatting. Avoid listing your experience in paragraph form. Instead, use bulleted statements to describe your experience and accomplishments. Emphasize business and managerial experience. List your experience with a law firm or other legal organization from a business perspective. For example:

Baker, McReynolds, Byrne, O'Kane, Shea & Townsend
Legal Clerk - Internship, May 2003 - August 2003
  • Researched and analyzed legal concepts in both statutory and case law for use in trials
  • Increased file retrieval efficiency by reorganizing system for filing closed cases

This section taken from an actual JD/MBA resume emphasizes this student's analytical skills, ability to conduct useful research, and improve the internal operations of an office. Be very specific about your achievements and know how that can be translated in a business environment.

You should also be prepared for employers to be concerned about your graduation date. Most MBA recruiters hire MBA interns with the intention of bringing them on board full-time after graduation. If you will not complete both the MBA and JD program in two years, be prepared to offer reasons why that organization should consider you for an internship. Offer to return the following summer to tackle more advanced projects if necessary.

For more information, please visit http://www.mbamonster.com/Resume_Checklist.html.