Resume Tips for MBA Students With "No" Business Experience

What to Do If You Are Entering the MBA Program Immediately After Earning Your College Degree

Recognize that you are competing for the same positions as other, more experienced MBAs. There is no doubt that as an undergraduate you have demonstrated the skills that MBA recruiters seek. The challenge then is to emphasize them on your resume so you will be selected for an interview. Here are a few key things to consider:

If you earned at least 50% of college expenses through work, include a statement to that effect in your education section.

  • Be sure to list summer internship and co-op positions and describe the impact you had on the organization. Ask yourself, for example, if you played a role in completing a major project, continuing a major project, or conceiving a major project. Wherever possible use numbers to describe your responsibilities and accomplishments (e.g., Administered a budget of $5,000; Negotiated a 10% reduction in costs).
  • The next best thing to paid work experience is unpaid work experience. List leadership positions and all voluntary involvement in campus organizations. Where you have extensive extracurricular activities of this nature, you may consider grouping it in a "Leadership Experience" section. Keep in mind that recruiters want individuals who can get things done. Accomplishments are what they look for on everyone's resume. The best indication that you can accomplish the desired results is your past. Ask yourself how a particular campus organization or group benefited from your involvement.
  • Be sure to emphasize extraordinary academic achievements. For example, Graduated Magna cum Laude; Scored in the 99th Percentile on the Graduate Management Admission Test, etc.