MBA Resume Checklist

Before submitting a final version of your resume, be sure your answer to each of the following questions is yes!

  • Is your resume 1 page? A 1 page resume is recommended unless you've had considerable years of experience (extensive experience) or executive level experience because many recruiters won't read more than one page.
  • Have you included your current MBA Program and your anticipated graduation date under the Education section of your resume?
  • Have you started most of your bulleted statements with action verbs?
  • Do you provide evidence of analytical skills?
  • Do you provide evidence of leadership ability?
  • Do you demonstrate that you are a team player?
  • Do you go beyond listing what you did to providing the results of your work?
  • Have you listed your academic honors?
  • Have you listed other information that sets you apart from the rest?
  • Have you checked for grammatical and spelling errors?
  • Are you consistent with your use of present and past tense?
  • Have you checked your contact information (phone #, email address, address, etc.)?
  • Are your margins wide enough so that all information is visible when printed?
  • Have you had someone else read through your resume to check for clarity and errors?

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