MBA Cover Letter Checklist

Here are six surefire ways to make your cover letter stand out from your competition when apply for an MBA internship:

  1. Grab the employer's attention immediately in the first paragraph. Begin with a sentence that entices the employer to continue reading.
  2. Tell the employer what you can do for him or her!! Tell the employer how you meet their qualifications and convince them that you can be a benefit.
  3. Show the employer that you have researched the company! This is perhaps one of the most important things you can do, because it will place you in the minority, for most job applicants do not do this.
  4. When discussing experience relevant to the position, highlight an accomplishment that you feel proud of. Also, discussing past examples of behavior gives the employer a hint of what you would be like in the position.
  5. Limit your cover letter to one page.
  6. Always remember to do a spell check and PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD!! One simple mistake could cost you the position.