Dealing with Internship Issues

Sometimes, even with the best of planning, problems and issues can arise during an internship: conflicts with coworkers or supervisors, not enough on which to work, lack of supervision, or incessant administrative tasks after the promise of a substantial project.

If you are faced with such challenges, we suggest the following action plan:

  • Discuss your situation with an individual who does not work for the organization - Career Services counselor, a friend, family member - to obtain a new and objective viewpoint. Try to pinpoint where the problem lies.
  • Brainstorm ways to improve the situation, including ways you can be flexible.
  • Meet with your supervisor (or other individuals with whom a problem exists) and explain the situation from your point of view. Avoid accusations and ask the individual for his or her perception of the situation.
  • If possible, try to achieve a consensus and resolve the issues. Do not share your concern with others in the organization who were not involved in this meeting.
  • Make sure to include all of this in your internship journal. It can help you and your company down the line.

If you fail to resolve your issues, contact a representative from your Career Services office to help guide you through the next step.

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