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New to InternshipGPS? Read on to learn how to easy it is to promote your internships on InternshipGPS! is one of the most comprehensive sources on the web for MBA internships and information related to the internship search resumes, cover letters, internship interviews and more. Promoting your opportunities on InternshipGPS is an inexpensive, but highly-effective way to reach hundreds of top internship-seeking MBA students worldwide.

While InternshipGPS currently searches the web, including several job sites, such as Monster, CareerBuilder and Indeed, to identify, screen and post MBA internships daily, it is not possible to guarantee that all will be found or included. And considering that so many employers offer internships, it may be difficult for yours to stand out from the "crowd."

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If you are an employer or a recruiter, are interested in promoting your opportunities on InternshipGPS, but still have some questions or concerns or would like to propose a promotional idea or opportunity, please contact me today!